TiNik Products

TiNik Products

Rubber Bed Mat

Heavy-duty 1/2″ rubber horse mat in the cargo area, solid style mat to extend from tailgate to bulkhead, tailgate to the rear of toolbox between wheel wells, 8ft bed

Gas Bottle Rack

Oxygen/Acetylene gas bottle storage rack, center divider with loop for crane, forklift tubes on bottom.

Sliding Vise Bracket

Sliding vise bracket for pickup bed or service body application.

Meter Rack

Gas meter rack with adjustable dividers.

Toolbox Support

Side toolbox support tube to mount under box.

Toolbox Cradle and Front Support

Toolbox cradle tubular cross tube brace for toolbox support and to support optional Gas Bottle Rack application.

Rear Tool Holder With Bed Support

Rear tool carrier vertical support with loops for ratchet socket built into side rail angle, straps not provided with horizontal cross tube and bracket to street side, optional streetside bracket avaialble for dual racks.

Cab Guard with Angle Supports

Cab guard with tool carrier bracket cs, loops for ratchet hold downs (straps not provided), mesh window black only one crossbar, top bar to have pipe stops offset to streetside, top crossbar to extend to outside for lights. Side rail angle supports with (4) d-rings each side, 250lb cap (only 2 d-rings each side when side boxes added).

Tailgate Cover

Aluminum Tailgate cover with top rail protection and offset lower rail, one-piece design, spray liner coated.

Pickup Lift

Hydraulic pickup lift designed to lift and load fork liftable products in and out of the truck.

Ship Thru Tool Carrier

Over the cab long tool carrier designed for temp storage during ship thru application.

Oily Rag Can Bracket

Oily rag can bracket, which allows for operation of the lid without removing the can.